Daily Mail’s 6 Month Late Hunter Biden Story

Stephen K. Bannon goes over the “shameful” Daily Mail Hunter Biden hard drive from hell story that came six months late.

“The depravity, the compromise, the Daily Mail you had access to all of that,” Bannon said, adding the story should have been published Oct. 8, 2020, not April 8, 2021.

“I don’t praise the Daily Mail for what they’re doing,” he said. “This is all phony spin.”

Read the 6 Month-Late ‘Exclusive’

The National Pulse Oct. 2020: Hunter Biden Partnered with Arm of Chinese Military

Mike Lindell’s Frank

Mike Lindell explains why his new social media platform Frank will be the most secure, after putting $2 million more into security.

Go to FrankFreeSpeech.com to sign up early before its launch on April 19.

Lindell Goes on Offense Against Dominion

Mike Lindell announces another lawsuit against Dominion, his time for stifling free speech.

“We’re going after them in the biggest way possible,” he said. “We’re including Smartmatic, they’re the mother ship.” 

Why is Mike Lindell Not on Fox? 

Mike Lindell hits Fox News for not standing up to Dominion.

“None of the mainstream media will have me on,” he said. “I’m willing to go on anything to talk about the truth. Fox won’t have me on. You have to wonder why?”

“Why don’t you be the station you’re supposed to be. They’re supposed to be journalists.”

The Ultimate Honeybadger

Mike Lindell says he has hard evidence of 19 cyber attacks from China on Nov. 3 that stole the election for Joe Biden.

“These were a third party that looked at that,” he said. “In court of law this wins before you walk in the door.” 

“We can prove it.”


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