Darren Beattie, of Revolver News, said the Deep State has declared of war against MAGA.

Beattie exposed the “deep state scum” who signed onto a national security letter targeting patriotic Americans as “domestic terrorists.”

“This new war on terror is going to be starring you,” Beattie told War Room, Friday. “And it’s just as corrupt, just as incompetent, just as unethical.”

“Everyone needs to know what kind of scum this is,” he said.

This list includes James Clapper, “a perjurer, a liar, total scum.” Plus, the color revolution “coffee boy” Michael McFaul, and Michael Hayden, “a known liar” and “more sophisticated form of scum.”

Beattie called it a “rogues gallery of true filth.”

“These are the signatories who are declaring war on any American patriot,” he said. “That is you, that is me, and that is 74 million people like us.”

“These people are liars,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “Worse than being liars they’re incompetent” and “assisted the rise” of the Chinese Communist Party.


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