My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell said he has hard evidence of cyber attacks from China on Nov. 3 that stole five states from Donald Trump.

“Nineteen of the attacks all came from China,” Lindell told War Room on Friday. “We have people on the ground who investigate every single piece of that.”

Lindell said an independent third party verified the IP addresses in China, the computers, the exact location, and buildings, plus the passwords used to get in, as well as their counterparts in America to steal the election.

“We have the footprint, the time stamp, that a third party has validated all of this,” Lindell said.

One of the attacks at 11:03 p.m. on Nov. 3 shows precise voter flips from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

“Just those 19 flipped those five states Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia,” Lindell said.

“This is over,” he said. “This is 100 percent proof.”

Lindell said he will air the evidence on his new social media platform Frank, which launches on April 19, over five weeks. Then he will build a case to reach the Supreme Court.

In addition, Lindell revealed whistleblowers who have come forward are now being kept in safe houses due to threats.

“We don’t just have the cyber evidence,” he said. “We have the evidence of who did it, who worked with the companies, Smartmatic, all of them.”


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