Film producer Maggie Vandenberghe, aka Fog City Midge, joins War Room fresh off her swearing in as a new Republican precinct committee member in Palm Beach County.

Fog City Midge reveals 20 new members are avid followers of the War Room, inspired by Dan Schultz’s Precinct Project to get involved.

“It was very powerful,” she said. “And I recommend it to everyone out there that they go out and do this.”

“Your local leadership, they might not be too pleased that you’re there,” Fog City Midge said. “But that’s exactly why you need to be there.” 

Stephen K. Bannon said no change will happen unless the grassroots forces it by getting active on the local level.

“What happened in Palm Beach…this is signal,” Bannon said. “The key thing now is to get involved. You are the best poeple on earth.

“Nothing is going to change, it’s not going to be better unless you personally are engaged,” he said. “The key is you. Your empowerment, your agency.”


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