The Mafia Without the Rules

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reports live from Mexico on the lawlessness of open borders, as the Jalisco New Generation Cartel has taken over.

Bergquam shares an exclusive interview showing the horror of living under cartel rule, leaving the Mexican police begging for help.

“It’s life and death,” he said. “You could see the desperation in their face.” 

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The Lock Down Ends Where the Open Border Begins

Ben Bergquam reveals how little covid testing is going on at the border.

“We don’t test anyone unless we hand them directly over to ICE…and most of them are not,” he said. 

Madisonian Mischief of Factions

Dr. Peter Navarro explains why America no longer has a president, but a “loose confederation of silos” that are wrecking the country.

From open borders, to the Green New Deal types controlling the purse, Navarro warns of a coming crash.

“We’ve got a cocaine economy now, it feels really good and you feel like you’re king of the world,” Navarro said. “But I’m telling you man, it’s gonna crash hard.”

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Fact-Checking Biden on Guns

John Lott corrects the numerous lies Joe Biden made about guns during his gun control press conference.

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