Stephen K. Bannon warned vaccine passports are for “total control of the population.”

“The passports are more than the passports, it is the total control of the population,” he said.

Bannon reacted to the powerful warning from Dr. Naomi Wolf, who said vaccine passports will be the end of capitalism, privacy, and freedom in the West.

“The way you stop that is what you saw with Fog City Midge in Palm Beach,” Bannon said, pointing to grassroots activism as the solution. Fog City Midge recently was sworn in as a GOP precinct committeeman, after following Dan Schultz’s Precinct Project for how to get involved locally.

“We’re gonna win this or we’re not,” Bannon said. “This audience puts its shoulder to the wheel we’re going to win this.”

“For 14 generations we’ve had the grit and determination to not sit there and take it,” he said.


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