Alabama Senate candidate Mo Brooks said the issues facing America are “life threatening,” and promised to be bold in the U.S. senate.

Brooks joined War Room after receiving the endorsement of President Trump, who called Brooks a “strong” and “tough guy.”

Brooks said the endorsement is “huge,” after Trump beat Biden in Alabama by over 20 points.

“I’m most appreciative for President Trump placing that confidence in me,” he said.

Brooks said he will go “toe to toe” with socialists who are trying to destroy America.

“I’m gonna call it like it is,” he said. “We have to be much bolder than we have been in the United States Congress in helping the people understand the dangers associated with where the dictatorial socialists want to take us.”

“I underscore the word dangerous,” Brooks said. “This is life threatening.”

Brooks pointed to deadly open borders policies, which kills roughly 2,000 Americans at the hands of criminal illegal aliens every year, and 30,000 drug overdoses due to drug trafficking.

“This is serious stuff,” he said. 

Brooks also warned against H.R. 1, and said he would fight for election integrity.

“If you don’t have honest and accurate elections you don’t have a republic,” he said. “Yeah you can vote, but your vote doesn’t count. It’s rigged.” 

“We have to fight these socialist democrats toe-to-toe every step of the way,” Brooks added. “We cannot let them take our country from us.”

“We cannot let them undermine the U.S. Constitution. We cannot let them destroy the foundational principles that have combined to make us the greatest nation in world history.”

Stephen K. Bannon called Mo Brooks one of the “top” representatives in the House.


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