Pollster Richard Baris told War Room only 30 percent of voters support H.R. 1, the Democrats’ bill to takeover of elections.

The radical bill that legalizes ballot harvesting, bans voter I.D., and enshrines the tactics used to steal the 2020 presidential election is extremely unpopular once voters find out what’s in it.

Baris revealed just 30 percent support the bill, including Democrats.

H.R. 1 “went down in a blaze of glory,” he said, once Americans found out what was in it.

Baris also explained how on issue after issue, the American public sides with Republicans. However, the GOP is not taking advantage of it.

Baris said it is striking “the support that Republicans have on all these issues and how little they fight for them.”

Baris also revealed 25 percent of Americans say they will never take the coronavirus vaccine.


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