Former White House Cabinet Secretary Bill McGinley shared insider secrets with the War Room revealing how the MAGA movement can takeover the RNC.

McGinley said the race for 2024 “has already begun.” But critical rules committees within the Republican National Committee will shape who leads the GOP.

“A lot of activity is happening now that is going to have an impact on 2024,” he said. “And what we need to do is lay down a marker.”

McGinley shared the inside baseball of the RNC, which actually has a grassroots structure that makes it possible for regular Americans to run the show.

“The Republican Party is a bottom up party,” he said. “This is all built on empowering the grassroots to take over.”

McGinley also said MAGA supporters must utilize Dan Schultz’s Precinct Project and participate now at the local level.

Filling vacant precinct seats now can prevent beltway insiders from rigging the nomination process in 2024 like they tried to do to Donald Trump in 2016.


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