2024 Has Already Begun

Former White House Cabinet Secretary Bill McGinley joins War Room to discuss the money primary, the consultant primary, and how the RNC is ripe for a takeover.

“A lot of activity is happening now that is going to have an impact on 2024,” he said. “And what we need to do is lay down a marker.”

RNC Inside Baseball

Bill McGinley shares the inside baseball for how the grassroots structure of the RNC makes it possible for regular Americans to run the show.

“The Republican Party is a bottom up party,” he said. “This is all built on empowering the grassroots to take over.”

McGinley explains how through the Precinct Project, MAGA supporters must get involved now in order to thwart insiders from rigging the nomination process in 2024 like they tried to do to Trump in 2016.

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The Power of Three-Tenths of 1% of MAGA

Dan Schultz explains how the Precinct Project is working, and how powerful the MAGA movement can be if just a tiny fraction get involved.

“You have 74 million people who want to do something,” he said. 

“If we can get three-tenths of one percent to fill in precinct slots we get 200,000” to fill vacant precinct committee slots. “It completely changes the power structure of our party.”

The MAGA Bench 

Boris Epshteyn details the deep MAGA bench of candidates ready to run across the country. This includes Andrew Giuliani, who says he is considering running for governor of New York against Andrew Cuomo.

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