Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft joined War Room and ripped Liz Cheney’s latest attack on the Deplorables.

Cheney recently attacked another Republican house member who urged the GOP to continue to be the party of the working class as it became under President Trump. Cheney called the idea “neo-marxist.”

“She’s really a piece of work, isn’t she?” Hoft said. 

“How could she come up with that even?” Hoft said. “Trump has laid everything right at the feet of the Republican Party and people like Liz Cheney have no appreciation.”

“She’s just like Hillary Clinton,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “She thinks the Deplorables are the Deplorables.”

Hoft blasted Cheney for again attacking President Trump, when she did nothing to stop the stolen election. Hoft said establishment Republicans are lacking the perspective of the crisis America is in.

“President Trump crushes all the records out there and somehow doesn’t end up in the presidency?” Hoft said. “It’s shocking. And I don’t recall Liz Cheney once saying we need to look into these vans that showed up in Detroit at 4 a.m.” 

“The republic is in crisis and the Republican Party is in crisis,” he said.

Hoft said Joe Biden “couldn’t get 10 people at rallies to fill circles.” Yet everyone is supposed to believe he received 81 million votes, the most in history.

“It’s a joke,” Bannon said. “Totally illegitimate. We’re going to prove it in the courts. We’re never going to give up on it.”

When asked why Kevin McCarthy still has Cheney in GOP leadership, Hoft noted, “I heard the rumor was because Paul Ryan put her there.”


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