Darren Beattie, founder of Revolver News, warned “woke” corporations in America are more dangerous to freedom than big government.

“Corporate America is just as much a vehicle for this toxic cultural poison that we all suffer under than anything that the government has,” Beattie told War Room, on Monday.

“In some cases, for instance Big Tech, are even worse in this respect than the government itself,” he said.

Beattie said all encroachments on individual liberty must be opposed, whether it comes from a private or public source.

“The boot on your neck is all the same,” Beattie said. “Whether it has a corporate logo or a government logo on it.”

Beattie said Republicans must get tough against powerful corporations espousing the “woke” line. He used the example of Republicans recent cave to Delta in Georgia.

Republicans dropped their effort to strip Delta’s special tax break after the company’s hypocritical stance against the state’s voter ID for mail-in ballots law.

“There’s a lot of talk these days about voter fraud, this idea that the person you elect doesn’t end up in office,” Beattie said. “But I think there’s an even more serious and profound type of voter fraud.

“And that is the notion the people who get into office purportedly to represent you cannot even enact the will of the people,” he said. 

Beattie said the Republican Party is “impotent,” and “unable to bring the a hostile Corporate America to heel” when they oppose “perfectly reasonable laws” like the Georgia voter law.


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