Real America’s Voice host Tudor Dixon revealed China’s long-term plan to steal America’s manufacturing base, and how Joe Biden is aiding them.

Dixon joined War Room after exposing how China steals America’s manufacturing in an editorial in the Detroit News.

“They will take our technology from Michigan they will take it back to China and then we will be beholden to them,” Dixon said. “Very quickly you can see how China ends up taking over.”

Dixon, whose family worked in the Michigan steel industry said Biden’s so-called infrastructure plan will further sell out manufacturing, and will crush American industry with high tax rates.

Dixon and Dr. Peter Navarro also pointed out the inherent problems with the Biden regime’s push for electrical vehicles by 2035.

“How are you going to rip up every parking lot and have a charging station…by 2035?” Dixon said. “How financially economical is that from Michiganders? We’re going to have to pay a heck of a lot in taxes…but what is that going to do to our electric grid?” 

“Nobody ever puts together the fact that if you’ve got the electric car you have to be generating electricity,” Navarro said.


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