Dr. Peter Navarro said the MLB is condoning the stolen election, by coming out against a common sense voter integrity law.

The MLB, which requires identification to pick up tickets and buy alcohol at games, moved the All Star game from Georgia after they passed a law to require ID to vote by mail.

Navarro told War Room, Monday, the law doesn’t even fix half of the problems that caused Georgia to be stolen from President Trump.

“What happened in Georgia, and I have the receipts,” Navarro said. “Georgia in particular is where this election was stolen.”

“By consent decree they created a system to dramatically increased mail-in and absentee ballots, while they suppressed any ability to make sure that those ballots were legal,” he said.

“That was stolen in Georgia,” Navarro said. “And all the [Republican] legislators did with the barn door open and the horse gone, is fix half — half! — of what was wrong.”

“That’s what’s going on in Georgia,” he said.

“And for Major League Baseball to get on their high horse to say what they’re doing is good, what they’re doing is condoning a stolen election,” Navarro added.

Navarro said what really “ticks” him off is that no one has read the law, yet they all falsely claim it is “Jim Crow.”

Navarro also said he no longer watches the NBA because of their politics, and selling out to Communist China.

“I have never watched another NBA game because that entity as a sports conglomerate is going to criticize America for being an imperfect but great democracy but keeps it’s mouth shut because it wants to make money in communist China,” he said.


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