Dr. Peter Navarro didn’t hold back when reacting to Hunter Biden’s latest interview on CBS.

Navarro summed up Hunter’s part in the interview as: “I didn’t do a drug test, but I don’t look high. Buy my book.”

Of course the interview couldn’t come without a conflict: CBS owns Simon & Schuster, who egregiously paid Hunter Biden $2 million for his so-called “redemption story.” Hunter finally admitted the laptop from hell could be his, though he claimed it was “stolen.”

“It was not stolen because you took it to a shop,” Navarro said on War Room, Monday. “And then you were so coked out you forgot to pick it up. And finally the guy looked at it. That’s the rest of the story.”

Navarro noted Hunter’s $2 million book deal came as Simon & Schuster cancelled Sen. Josh Hawley’s book on censorship.

Navarro also blasted Hunter as a “bag man” with no skills.

“Hunter Biden is a man without skills, he has no skills,” he said. “The only thing he ever had was the primotore of his daddy and the Consigliere of the Biden crime family, James.”

“Hunter Biden was the bag man,” Navarro said.

Navarro hit the news media for softball interviews pushing a false narrative of redemption with Hunter, who he called a “depraved” man.

“This is a bad man,” Navarro said. 


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