Boycott Delta

Former Delta pilot Brent Beecham joins War Room to explain why he will no longer fly Delta.

Beecham, the founding member of CD Media, wrote a letter to Delta CEO Ed Bastian, after the company spread lies about Georgia’s new voting integrity law.

“I love the airline,” Beecham said. But now he won’t by flying Delta, drinking Coke, or shopping at Home Depot.

All three of them now have abandoned Georgians for the BLM, antifa, woke communist Marxist point of view,” he said.

“There are at least 75 million of us and our families who are potential patrons of Delta airlines,” Beecham said, urging other Trump supporters to join the boycott.

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The Managers of Woke Capital 

Boris Epshteyn explains how the managers of woke capital operate, and the “toxification” of conservatives at play.

Stephen K. Bannon says they’re calling you racist for “bills that are not that tough” like the Georgia election reform, which doesn’t even touch voting machines. “They’re essentially saying if you’re MAGA, you have no place in these corporations. They’re telling the younger generation you can’t be like that.”

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Bianca Gracia, president of Latinos for Trump, reports on how Biden’s open borders crisis is affecting the rural town of Del Rio, Texas.

Gracia says only 5,000 people voted in Del Rio is 2020. “In order to fix these problems we have to start at the local level and work our way up,” she said.

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Change the World: Be A Precinct Committeeman

Dan Schultz updates on the MAGA takeover of the Republican Party, and reports the tripling of turnout for precinct committeemen in Georgia.

Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and more are having their caucus meetings to elect local GOP positions holders now.

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