The People Must Rise

War Room reacts to police shutting down religious services around the world over Easter weekend. Christian filmmaker Jason Jones praises the Polish pastor in Canada who kicked out Nazi cops trying to shut down his church.

Dr. Peter Navarro, who is in-studio for the full show, says what’s going on is the Chinese Communist Party’s dream.

“To kill the bedrock institutions of the American republic, which is the churches, the synagogues, the mosques, this is their Utopian dream,” he said. “This is what utopia looks like in communist party dreams.”

“They’re coming after organized worship,” said Stephen K. Bannon.

How to deal with Nazi police… Pastor Artur Pawlowski drives out cops trying to break up his service

Police seen breaking up Good Friday church service over coronavirus regulations

Shock and Outrage After Priest Calls Cops on Maskless Pregnant Woman at Church

Worship leader Sean Feucht served criminal complaint for gathering to worship God without permit in Maricopa County

The Pope is Aiding and Abetting the CCP

Christian filmmaker Jason Jones explains how the Pope is aiding and abetting the CCP and warns more persecution of the church in America is coming.

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Darren Beattie, or Revolver News explains how Georgia senate Republicans lost their spine and sold out to Delta.

Plus, Beattie says Republicans will never win unless they get tough and play hardball with corporate America.

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Georgia senate folds, lets Delta keep its exemption

In addition, Beattie explains how “Woke corporations” pose an even greater threat to American liberties than big government.

“Corporate America is just as much a vehicle for this toxic cultural poison that we all suffer under than anything that the government has,” Beattie said.


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