Stephen K. Bannon and Dr. Peter Navarro destroyed Dr. Tony Fauci’s for his latest lies in an interview trying to skirt responsibility for his role in the virus.

Navarro fact-checked Fauci’s appearance on Fox News, which he said it was “bizarre” that anyone would call the man who sent American taxpayer dollars to Wuhan to study how to weaponize coronaviruses, the “father of the virus.”

“We know that Dr. Anthony Fauci, St. Fauci, authorized funding for the Wuhan virology lab,” Navarro said. “We know, second fact, that Dr. Fauci authorized gain of function research, which can be used to genetically engineer a virus to make it as dangerous as the one we have now. Those two facts are not in dispute.”

Navarro continued: “Third fact, CDC Director Robert Redfield said he believes the most likely source of that virus is the Wuhan virology lab.”

“If those three facts are correct, then Dr. Anthony Fauci is the father of the CCP virus,” he said. 

Bannon ripped Fauci for his false claim that he has no control over “super spreader” that is open borders. Fauci claimed he has “nothing to do with the border.”

“You’re shutting down churches ,you’re going in and dragging out a young mother with her baby out of a mass…for no masks,” Bannon said. “[And Fauci has] quote, ‘nothing to do with’ the border?”

“This is what a liar this guy is,” Bannon said. “What have you recommended to Joe Biden? The super spreader event of the current administration you work for?”


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