Rabbi Aryeh Spero joined War Room’s special on transhumanism and explained how best to fight it. 

Spero said transhumanism is the result of man’s “hubris.”

“There has to be a humility before God and there has to be a ceiling to man’s hubris,” he said. “It’s more than just arrogance, but thinking he is the master of the universe. He’s not.”

Spero said the best way to fight against the elite’s quest for the demonic quest of transhumanism it so oppose it like other socialist and communist movements.

“You have to be aware of those people who are pushing the movement, who are behind it,” he explained. “And you have to be suspect. And then you have to arrange a very sophisticated rebuttal to it.

“People are going to say you’re just involved in conspiracy theories, you can’t allow them to do that,” the author of  Push Back: Reclaiming the American Judeo-Christian Spirit said. “It’s like when they say that you’re involved in ‘insurrection.’ or ‘hate speech.’”

“These are just weapons to stop you from doing the job that you have to do,” Spero continued. “We have to have the tough skin not to allow people to sidetrack or humiliate us when what we have to do rising above that to find out what is their motive and will it harm our sociology, will it harm our soul? Will it harm the ideal that God has put in front of us?”

“We’re very new with this transhuman,” he said. “But we have to do it the same way we fight socialism or communism.” 


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