A Google executive dreams of a world ruled by “super AI” so he can live forever.

Mark Jeftovic, the CEO of EasyDNS joined War Room’s special on transhumanism to expose Techno Utopianism, and why he believes it will fail.

Jeftovic said there “is no such thing as artificial intelligence.” AI stands for “algorithmic imitation,” and it is impossible for computers or machines to have independent intelligence.

Despite this, Big Tech executives like Google’s Ray Kurzweil are investing in “super AI” to “bring life into what he believes is dead universe.”

Jeftovic views transhumanism as a “new religion,” and is nothing new.

“These are not new ideas,” he said. “This kind of thinking has gone on throughout all recorded history.”

“The Tower of Babel is a story of Techno Utopianism gone bad,” Jetovic said. “The first technocracy was the French Revolution.”

Jeftovic said transhumanism is connected to Marxism and luciferianism.

“It has these Marxist ideals or undercurrents,” he said. “I don’t mean this in a literal Biblical sense, but the nature of the thinking, a luciferian sense.”

“It’s trying to challenge the role that God would have in the mental construct of humanity,” Jeftovic said. 


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