Cheryl Chumley, of the Washington Times, warns some churches are entering into a transhumanist trap. 

“Christians are actually using transhumanism to advance a cult-like view,” Chumley told War Room, during its special Descent Into Hell: Transhumanism and the New Human Race.

The quest of the global elite to obtain eternal life has seeped into religious institutions, perverting God’s word, Chumley said.

“The big concern to me now is transhumanism has moved into the Christian realm as something Godly,” Chumley said. “For instance, there is an organization called the Christian Transhumanist Association. And what they believe is that technology empowers us to become more human. And that’s in quotes, ‘more human.’ Which seems to me very conflicting phrase if you believe in the Bible.” 

“If you’re a Christian and you believe it’s your job in life to work against death you ought to go back and read Genesis,” she said. “With the Garden of Eden and the consequence of sin. This is God’s ordained plan for humanity to pay for that sin with death.” 


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