How Can Rome Be Shut Down?

Stephen K. Bannon questions how Rome can be shut down during Good Friday and Easter. Italian journalist Maria Luisa Rossi says the question alone is “an act of freedom” Italians do not enjoy right now.

The situation in Italy from its third covid lockdown is “dire.”

“I see uncertainty, I see fear, I see acquiescence,” Rossi said. “This is what I see in the Italian people.”

Brian McCall, chair and professor of Law Editor, explains why churches are shut down, and it goes back to the difference between Soviet and Chinese communist approaches to destroying religion. The CCP is more subtle.

“They used the virus they created for this purpose,” McCall said, as fear has been used to weaken the church.

And many church leaders in America and around the world are happy to oblige. McCall said it was by and large not governments in the U.S. that shut down churches.

“It was the actual religious leaders themselves that ran away and didn’t stand up,” he said. 

The Deep Church 

Brian McCall explains why Americans, religious and non-religious alike, should read Archbishop Vigano’s writings for an understanding of how the Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated major institutions. 

“Even if you’re not catholic, it gives you an example of a major institution how it can be taken over from within,” McCall said.

The book includes the Archbishop’s letters to President Donald Trump.

Get the book: A Voice in the Wilderness: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò on the Church, America, and the World

Visit: Catholic Family News

Another Mishap at a Taxpayer-Funded Lab

Dr. Maria Ryan, president and CEO of Cottage Hospital, reports on the “major health hazard” of up to 26 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine that got mixed with Johnson and Johnson in Maryland.

The taxpayer-funded facility has a history of safety violations, and was on the way to covering up the dangerous mix up.


Dr. Yan Responds to WHO Misinformation

Whistleblower Dr. Yan Li-Meng says the Chinese Communist Party’s “misinformation campaign” about its virus is falling apart.

Dr. Yan says the Wuhan lab theory is proven, and the virus is an unrestricted bioweapon created by the Chinese military that “can be used at any time, not only one time.”

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Fasting on Good Friday

Drew Mason, of St. Joseph Partners, joins War Room on Good Friday, to share why now is the perfect time to start fasting.

Mason says prayer and fasting has unlocked “some of the greatest renaissances any nation has ever known,” and says even if you already ate breakfast you can start now.

“Don’t worry about it,” Mason said. “Start at this moment.”

“Scripture is clear: this is the tool that can defeat the greatest adversaries of evil,” he said. 

Learn how here:


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