Dominion Blinked

Radio host John Fredericks reports on a novel thing in politics: Republicans growing a spine in Georgia. Fredericks says members of the state legislature are no longer afraid of Stacey Abrams.

And the Deplorables are fed up with woke corporations like Dela, who won’t let anyone on a plane without an ID but doesn’t want one to vote.

Arizona state Representative Mark Finchem reveals how Dominion “blinked” in Maricopa County, and what the  audit of 2.1 million ballots will soon reveal.

Plus, Finchem makes a big announcement about his political future.

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(Don’t) Let Us Worship

Worship leader Sean Feucht tells War Room he’s been served a criminal complaint for gathering to worship God without a permit in Maricopa County.

“If the world doesn’t have enough problems it’s not young Christians gathering to worship,” said Stephen K. Bannon. 

“They waited till Easter week to send this,” Feucht noted.


Social Engineering of Special Ops

Tej Gill, veteran and founder of Project Warpath, returns to react to the reassignment of the special operations “inclusion” chief. They’ll just get another guy to socially engineer special forces. 

“If you’re conservative you’re an extremist and if you’re outspoken you’re a “terrorist” now,” he said. “They want to socially engineer these special operations units” and purge them of patriotic Americans.

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Pentagon ‘diversity chief’ reassigned amid probe of social media posts

The Siege of Del Rio

Latinos for Trump president Bianca Gracia reports the latest astounding numbers of illegal border crossings hitting Del Rio, Texas.

“The local authorities are telling our own Americans to run and hide when their own homes are being broken into and raided,” she said.

Gracia is holding a Border Crisis Symposium Thursday at the Ramada Inn at 6:30 p.m. CT.

More info here.

The Deep Church

You’ve heard of the Deep State, what about the Deep Church? Brian McCall, chair and professor of Law Editor, reveals how the Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated religious institutions throughout the west.

Get the book: A Voice in the Wilderness: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò on the Church, America, and the World


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