Lawlessness on the Border

Retired ICE special agent Victor Avila reveals new footage of busloads of illegal aliens being trafficked into the country with no ID.

Avila updates on the cartel operation, which he said is being aided and abetted by the Biden regime.

Cognitive Superpower

Kim Quatela, principal of Regina Pacis Academy in Connecticut, reveals how classical education could be the key to reshaping American culture.

Quatela explained the future of Catholic education and why emphasis on STEM has prevented kids from learning the basics.

Learn more: Regina Pacis Academy

Institute for Catholic Liberal Education

War on Terror 2.0

Darren Beattie explains Revolvers’ shocking new report on how the FBI is using an Orwellian “sentiment analysis tool” to identify and target Trump supporters.

Plus, Beattie breaks down the latest unraveling of the MAGA blood libel, and the media’s attempt to use Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick’s death to target Americans.

“What it’s about is this new narrative that’s basically War on Terror 2.0,” he said. “Wait till you see the full force of this version starring you.” 

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FBI Deploys Creepy “Sentiment Analysis” Tools To Screen National Guard For Pro-Trump Sympathies

My Pillow Lawyer for Minnesota AG

Doug Wardlow, the general counsel for My Pillow, is running for Attorney General in Minnesota. Wardlow explains the failings of Keith Ellison, and why populism is making a comeback in Minnesota.

Support: Doug Wardlow for Minnesota


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