Marjorie Taylor Greene Backs Gaetz

Rep. Greene joins War Room for the full hour, and starts by defending Rep. Matt Gaetz because she’s seen plenty of fake news before.

Until there is concrete evidence, Greene says, “I won’t believe it because I can tell you from experience, just because it’s a headline and it says so in an article doesn’t mean it’s true.”

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Dr. Fauci’s Permission Slips

Rep. Greene sounds off on the vaccine passport, which she calls Dr. Fauci’s “permission slips.”

“They don’t care about public health,” she said. “This is about control.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene Rebukes Vaccine Passports as ‘Biden’s Mark of the Beast’

The Fire Fauci Act

Rep. Greene explains how to defund Dr. Fauci, the highest taxpayer-funded employee in the federal government.

“Four hundred thousand small businesses have been closed, children are still not back ins school,” she said. “Everything is wrong and it’s all due to this man.”

Plus, Rep. Greene reveals she met with President Trump on her border security bill.

How to Beat Corporate Communism

Rep. Greene says it’s time for Americans to put their money where their mouth is.

“The people in this country have all the power, not the big corporations not the federal government,” she said .”You have the power because you’re paying the taxes. This is what everyone seems to have forgotten.” 


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