Dr. Peter Navarro told War Room Tony Fauci is the “father of the virus,” and Google worked to cover up this fact a year ago.

“Fauci funded this with your taxpayer dollars,” Navarro said, Wednesday. “And Fauci and [Director Francis] Collins at NIH basically said it’s okay to do gain of function research.”

Navarro explained gain of function research genetically engineers a virus to make it more deadly and dangerous — “to weaponize it.” 

Fauci sent millions of taxpayer dollars from the National Institutes of Health to the Wuhan Institute of Virology behind the Trump administration’s back. Former CDC director Robert Redfield recently revealed his belief that the virus leaked from the lab.

“Google scrubbed that from the internet,” Navarro said. “The truth a year later is the truth a year ago. Yet Google, social media, cancelled it.”

Navarro said Fauci’s friend Peter Daszak at the World Health Organization “should be a registered foreign agent” for China. Daszak has authored over 20 Chinese Communist Party funded studies, and worked with the Wuhan lab for nearly two decades.

Navarro said the asymptomatic spread of the virus was engineered in the Wuhan lab. “This thing is like right out of an episode of 24,” Navarro said. “They send these Chinese nationals with no symptoms, boom pandemic.”

“Anthony Fauci is the father of the virus,” he said. 

“Fauci’s got nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,” Navarro said. “CNN, MSNBC they’ve got to step up right now.”

“Redfield broke the dam,” he said.


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