Dr. Peter Navarro said Ted Cruz is “buying the lede” of the border crisis, and needs to back away from the cameras.

“Every time Ted Cruz goes down there and steps in front of a camera he’s got the Lindsey Graham disease,” Navarro told War Room, Wednesday.

“He’s got to step in front of the camera and goes, ‘humanitarian crisis,'” he said. “They’re burying the lede. The lede is you’ve got to secure the border.”

Navarro said he is tired of hearing about the “good people” coming across the border.

“I’m actually tired of hearing about the good people coming up here,” he said. “Yeah they’re good people. But there’s also a whole lot of cartel people making a bunch of money, raping, killing, abusing.”

The out of control crisis will result in 2 million more illegal immigrants, Navarro said and the spreading of the deadly Brazilian strain of the CCP virus.

“Every illegal alien with the Brazilian strain is “going to infect one American,” Navarro said. 

“That’s murder by the Biden administration,” he said.  “It’s murder, Steve. It’s border policy murder.”


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