Mike Lindell is creating a new legal offense fund, instead of going on defense.

The Lindell Legal Offense Fund will be a resource hub for investigations and lawsuits to go on offense against enemies of the Constitution.

“We’re going to set up a team of lawyers, who want to get in the game here,” he said. Lindell explained he gets great ideas for projects to save America, but now can put the resources to achieve them.

“I’ve got people hired right now investigating your Twitters, Jack Dorseys, Wikipedia,” he said. “We’re investigating all these things.”

“We’re going to be dumping evidence as we get it,” Lindell said.

The fund will also be used for recall efforts against Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona, and Brian Kemp of Georgia, and others.

Lindell said the fund will be totally separate from his legal battles for My Pillow and fighting Dominion.

“All I’m doing is taking great projects to help our country and marrying the resources to help that,” he said.

“We all know this thing goes deeper,” Lindell said. “When you have an attack on our country from the [Chinese Communist Party]…there are also United States actors here who helped them.”



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