Fighting Back

Lydia Friend, of Women of Watts, is leading a lawsuit to get children back in the classroom in Los Angeles.

“It’s horrible,” she said. “The babies aren’t even sitting 10 to 15 minutes, let alone 30 minutes” during virtual classes.

Friend says the school closings are a major factor in the recall of Gavin Newsom.

“I believe that God is going to do it in His timing, we have to have faith and believe that…whatever God’s will is it will be done.”

Friend said in the 19 and a half years she’s been in local activism, she’s “never received so much love” as she did from the War Room audience. She asked for continued prayers.

LA Grandmother Takes on Teachers Union to Get Kids Back in School

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Women of Watts

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Covid Relief Without Covid Relief, Infrastructure Bill without Infrastructure

Dr. Peter Navarro responds to the House Democrats’ latest hit piece trying to rewrite history of the pandemic response, this time over the Defense Production Act.

Plus, Navarro reveals the Kabuki theater of the Democrats’ “infrastructure” bill, and says Biden’s CDC director should be fired.

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Matt Gaetz’s Extortion Receipts

War Room gives the lay of the land of the Matt Gaetz extortion attempt, and reports on texts and emails that appear to back up the Florida Congressman’s story.

Raheem Kassam reveals the tell to why this is a rush fake news hit job: “Unless there is an agreed narrative…then you know the story has been rushed out.” “That New York Times report was heinously under detailed,” he said.

Documents detail wild alleged $25 million Gaetz extortion scheme

2.1 Million Receipts

War Room reports the latest on the fight for election integrity, from Coca-Cola’s woke boycott of voter ID for mail-in ballots to a Montana audit that shows substantial fraud from November.

Plus, Arizona is moving forward with its audit, and hired four firms to go over 2.1 million ballots in Maricopa County.

Arizona Senate hires four firms to audit Maricopa County 2020 election

Election Audit Reveals Irregularities For 1 In 14 Mail-In Votes Cast

Coca-Cola, Delta and JPMorgan lead companies in condemning Georgia’s voting law


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