A Great Day in the War Room

Navarro first hour. Mike Lindell second. The My Pillow CEO explains all things “Frank,” his new social media platform.

The cross between Twitter and YouTube is out the week of April 12th, and can’t be cancelled by the tech oligarchs.

Frank Speech: Coming Soon

The Economist: The Brutal Reality of Dealing with China

Mike Lindell launches a new fund that will help patriots go on offense against cancel culture, Big Media, and Big Tech.

“I’ve got people hired right now investigating your Twitters, Jack Dorseys, Wikipedia,” he said. “We’re investigating all these things.

“We’re going to be dumping evidence as we get it.”

Scientific Proof

Lindell previews his new standalone interview with a physicist who reveals the algorithm used to steal the election.

WATCH the documentary Scientific Proof on LindellTV.com.

Free Speech and the 2010 Census

Mike Lindell says his case against Dominion is the biggest free speech lawsuit ever. Plus, the My Pillow CEO explains what the 2010 census has to do with the stolen election.


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