Bad Samaritans

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reports left-wing organizations are aiding the cartels on both sides of the U.S. border.

Bergquam said groups like No More Deaths hand out maps for supplies that cartels use for drug and human trafficking. 

WATCH: Leftists Aiding and Abetting Cartel Drug Traffickers in AZ

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Jesse Holguin, the leader of Lexit, explains why Latinos in deep blue Los Angeles have had enough of the Democrat Party.

“Latinos, even anti-Trumpers that are not Republicans in any shape or form, they are really angry at what’s going on and what the Biden administration is doing,” Holguin said.

“Everyone knows the worst ones impacted by [open borders] are legal immigrants and minorities,” he said.

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Exclusion Chief

Veteran Tej Gill, of Project Warpath, explains why morale in the U.S. military hit a new low after the hiring of a so-called “inclusion chief” Richard Torres-Estrada. 

“He’s a Trojan Horse in there to do harm to special operations,” said Gill.

Gill said the “inclusion chief” has “already excluded over half the force.” Torres-Estrada compared President Trump to Hitler on social media. “I’d say at least half the guys support Trump.”

US Special Ops new diversity chief compared Trump to Hitler on social media

Road to 2022

Boris Epshteyn says the 2022 campaign is already in full swing. Stephen K. Bannon eyes Ohio for a deep bench of MAGA candidates. 

“You’re having the MAGA movement dominate the 2022 field,” Epshteyn said. And “MAGA taking over is great for the Republican Party.”

Plus, Epshteyn explains how suppression polls are still used and previews the fight to retake the House of Representatives.

“There are two times more migrant children in custody — 200 percent — right now under Joe Biden, than under the peak during President Trump,” he said. “Those border states are going to go big Republican.” 

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