Fauci is Petrified

Stephen K. Bannon reveals why Tony Fauci is petrified and the smoking gun that reveals his involvement in gain of function research in Wuhan.

The Mail-In Jig is Up

John Fredericks, host of Outside the Beltway, says the left’s meltdown over the Georgia voter integrity law proves there was fraud last November.

“If there was no fraud that went on if there was no cheating, why are they so upset?” he said. The law doesn’t prevent any legal voter from voting absentee. You just have to show ID.

Plus, Fredericks gives an update on the upcoming forensic audit that could prove 30,000 ballots were counterfeited in Georgia.

Judge Rules 30,000 Suspected Counterfeit Ballots Analyzed in Georgia

Black Box Voting

War Room revisits the erstwhile bipartisan opposition to electronic voting machines.

Dave Ramaswamy and Stephen K. Bannon reveal the choke point strategy of the CCP. The fragility of the world economy is illustrated in the blocking of the Suez canal, much like shutting down Wuhan shut down the word’s “pharma complex.”

Democratic senators warned of potential ‘vote switching’ by Dominion voting machines prior to 2020 election

Can voting machines be hacked? Andrew Appel says yes

A Second Mayflower

Dave Ramaswamy explains how “telework populism” can swing young people to America First policies and strengthen the economy.

“A big opportunity for young people is to go back to the second sailing of the Mayflower,” he said. “Only this time it will be along the Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri, and Mississippi rivers.”

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