Counter-American Intelligence

Darren Beattie, of Revolver News, uncovers the Democrats’ new dangerous bill that treats the average American as a “domestic terrorist.”

The bill allows the national security apparatus to target “conspiracy theorists.” Or more simply: anyone who would dare to question any aspect “of this Utopian regime we’ve become.”

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Read: Dark New Dem Bill Uses “Counter American Intelligence” To Wage War on MAGA

Here’s How You Die in Tetris

War Room analyzes the curious blocking of the Suez canal, and its convenient timing after the EU sanctioned CCP officials.

Darren Beattie notes this is the second time in a week where “the wind played a role” is the “American media’s preferred response to inexplicable levels of incompetence — or worse.”

“They attributed biden’s famous fall on the steps of Air Force One to wind as well,” he said.

“I’m skeptical in both cases.”

The Meme God That Failed: Suez Crash Was Not Caused by First Woman Captain From Egypt

Kristi Noem’s Fake PR Strategy

War Room discusses Kristi Noem’s cave to the NCAA. Darren Beattie says it’s we’ve seen this movie before: rising Republican star sells out constituents.

“She caved to the NCAA,” he said. “A real leader would have taken up that fight. Even an astute political calculator would have taken up that fight.”

This Veto Wasn’t Governor Kristi Noem’s First Failure — She Has a History of Betraying Her Base

Kristi Noem Mutilates Her Political Future By Blocking Ban on Transsexual Men in Women’s Sports

Unrestricted Asymmetric Warfare 

Dave Ramaswamy explains the many dimensions of the Chinese Communist Party’s unrestricted warfare against the United States.

“We’re subjected to a daily Pearl Harbor of information warfare,” Ramaswamy said. “Every day [from] the CCP and its propaganda arms.”

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