War Room revealed more crimes hidden on Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell, Friday.

Raheem Kassam read text messages that confirm the report that Hunter Biden’s sister-in-law (and then-girlfriend) Hallie stole his gun in 2018 and the Secret Service intervened.

Rudy Giuliani said any other person without the last name Biden would have been prosecuted.

“He made a false statement on an application for a gun,” Giuliani said. “Saying he wasn’t a drug addict. We don’t want drug addicts owning guns.”

“She stole a gun, illegally possessed it…and put it in front of a school,” Giuliani added. 

“This is behavior for which everybody else is prosecuted,” he said.

Stephen K. Bannon blasted the media for suppressing the information on the Hunter Biden laptop, and the FBI doing nothing about the many crimes revealed on it. 

“That hard drive was turned over in December of 2019,” Bannon said. “Chris Wray had that. Bill Barr had that. Joe Biden wouldn’t have been the nominee.

“Donald J. Trump would have never been impeached the first time,” he said.

Meanwhile, the “scum bags” in the national security apparatus like John Brennan were lying that the hard drive was “Russian disinformation.”

“The authorities have it back in December” of 2019, Bannon said. “Supposedly the FBI is doing an investigation. Where is it?”


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