My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell will release a second documentary proving China interfered to swing the election for Joe Biden.

“It reveals everything,” Lindell said of the film coming out in a few weeks. “We know who did it. We’ve got everything.”

Lindell said he gets 100 emails per day of whistleblowers exposing fraud in the election, and confirmed he has been tipped off by whistleblowers from Dominion.

Lindell previewed the new documentary Absolute Interference: Fact…Foreign Adversaries Hacked America’s Election on War Room, Friday evening. 

“Now I know where you’ve been hiding,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “You’ve been in the editing room.”

The new evidence includes IP addresses in China that reveal vote switching away from Donald Trump. Lindell also has expert witnesses who reveal how the 2010 census was used for voting machine algorithms.

“This is the smoking gun evidence,” Lindell said.

Lindell will first release an hour-long interview with one of his whistleblowers, he says is so compelling no one will be able to deny the fraud.

Over 140 million people watched Lindell’s first documentary exposing election fraud, Absolute Proof.

Lindell said his evidence reveals Donald Trump got nearly 80 million votes, while Biden only received 66 million.

When asked if he has enough evidence to get the election reversed, Lindell said “yes.”

“Donald Trump will be back in office in August,” Lindell proclaimed. 

“We have enough to get the election pulled down ,” he said.


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