Worse Than ISIS

Retired ICE special agent Victor Avila, shares exclusive footage of a massive shootout in Mexico. Avila reveals the true nature of the threat of the cartels, which he says fully control Mexico and operate across the U.S.

Avila, who was shot in an ambush by the Zeta cartel, said the U.S. must designate the cartels as foreign terrorist organizations. 

“They’re worse than ISIS, worse than al qaeda, worse than the taliban,” he said. 

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WATCH: Dozens and Dozens of Illegal Aliens Offloaded From Tractor Trailer Inside the U.S.

Catch and Release is Back

Todd Bensman, senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigrant Studies, reports live from the Del Rio sector, where the Biden regime is sending buses full of illegal immigrants to all parts of the U.S.

“We’re in a full blown crisis,” Bensman said. “There is nobody here on the border, everybody here knows this is really different what’s happening right now.”

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Biden’s assembly line of illegal immigrants 

Legalizing Illegality 

Natalie Winters, of the National Pulse, explains how the Biden regime is legalizing illegal immigration. Plus, don’t sleep on legal immigration, which Biden is also doubling.

Venture capitalist Dave Ramaswamy reveals the ideological battle of “office space vs. field space” driving the border crisis.

“People who are making these decisions comfortably cocooned in an office don’t suffer the downsides to their decisions,” Ramaswamy said. “People on the front lines bear the brunt of these decisions.”

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Joe Anon’s Tee Ball Session

Raheem Kassam previews the tee-ball session dressed up as a Joe Biden press conference. After 64 days, the New York Times has been dying to ask Biden how he feels about “unity.” 

NYT will ask Biden about how he feels about unity

Joe Anon: 64 days without a press conference

Joe Contra’s 10 questions for Biden


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