War Room reacted to the shocking and disturbing Joe Biden press conference, saying it reveals the impossibility that Biden got 81 million votes.

“How can they possibly put this guy up there like that?” said Stephen K. Bannon. “And expect us to buy off on the fact that 81 million people voted for him? Tens of millions more than Obama?”

“This is so in your grill,” he said. “That a guy, who I don’t think even knows where he is half the time, and today proved that. How can you sit there and put forward the fact that he got got 81 million votes?”

“The receipts tell it all,” said Peter Navarro. “The only thing you can conclude is they stole just enough to win it.”

“That pathetic pathetic figure in front of the cameras today in front of a pathetic media, he didn’t win that election,” he said. “People didn’t vote for that guy.” 

Biden could barely get through the hour-long press conference, relying on a full of talking points. He answered questions off a prepared list of journalists.

Revolver News founder Darren Beattie wondered as he watched, “What is sign language for America is screwed?”

“He’s crumbling before our eyes,” Beattie said. “He can’t string together sentences. He’s clearly just a figurehead.” 

Beattie also explains why this might be the most transparent regime in history: because it’s transparently obvious Biden is “not really running the show.”

Boris Epshteyn said the press conference was eerily reminiscent of the late days of the Soviet Union, helmed by “decrepit old men who were obviously not in control.” 

“And that’s what we saw today,” he said. “Our chief executive is not operational.”


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