Obama Do Over

War Room explains who is really pulling the strings of the Biden regime: Barack Obama.

“This an Obama do over,” said Raheem Kassam. Biden’s so-called “new deal” is every radical policy Obama couldn’t get done the first time.

Stephen K. Bannon explains the problem of the financialization of the economy. Dave Brat, dean of Liberty University’s school of business, explains how the real economy is a “corpse,” just laying there as trillions get pumped in.

Biden’s New Deal: Re-engineering America, quickly
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House of Cards

War Room explains the elites’ financial scam they finance off of you, and Dave Brat says we already have a version of state capitalism.

“This scam is where the elites skim it off the top,” Bannon said. “And here’s the beauty of it: you get to pay for it.”

Great Awakening

Dave Brat says the real solution for America is to have another great awakening.

“If you really want to change the country you better change its heart and soul,” he said. “We’ve given up on what made us great. Love is at the cross.” 

“God’s still here,” Brat said. “But we’re walking in the desert right now.”

The Means of Cultural Production

Eric Greitens explains how the left is trying to rip the guts out of our Judeo-Christian heritage. War Room discusses how politics is downstream from culture, and reveal Raheem’s neglected childhood without Mr. Potato Head or Dr. Seuss.

Opening Salvo

Dean of Regent University’s school of government Michele Bachmann recaps her 7-hour election integrity summit, which was just an “opening salvo” on exposing the fraud of Nov. 3.

“We went through all of it,” Bachmann said. “People were shocked by what they saw.”

Plus, Bachmann shares her plans for what’s next in spreading the truth of election fraud: a mock trial with Professor David Clements.

Watch: Regent University Analyzing American Election Integrity


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