War Room kicks off the show revealing more details that the shooting in Boulder was an ISIS inspired terrorist attack.

Real America’s Voice correspondent Jessica Rivera reports live from the scene where 10 people were killed on Monday. Ahmad Al-Issa was born in Syria but spent most of his life in the U.S. Al-Issa was known to the FBI prior to the shooting.

War Room also looks into reports of Al-Issa’s intentions to target a Trump rally.


Raheem Kassam names the 10 victims of the Boulder attack, including hero Officer Eric Talley who was killed in the response.

Kassam notes all of the victims of this Islamic inspired attack were white.

“Are we going to hear from Don Lemon tonight, it’s time to stop anti-white hatred?”

CNN quickly changed the narrative on the shooting once the shooter was identified, and now claims the murders are “inexplicable.” In reality, the motive is quite clear, Kassam said.

Donate Colorado State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police to assist the family of fallen Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley

All 10 Boulder Colorado Victims Were White. It’s Time To End Anti-White Race Hate

 Did The Media Radicalize Colorado Terrorist Ahmad Al-Issa?

Kamala’s Racist Niece

Raheem Kassam gives an update on Twitter not suspending Kamala Harris’s niece for her racist tweet assuming the Boulder shooter was white.

Michael Yon reports live from Panama and explains how easily the Biden regime could stop illegal migration at the choke point near the Pan Am highway.

Yon reveals the horrific journey along the Darién Gap, where “every single person is robbed,” is “very simple to stop.” 

It was stopped under the Trump administration, but now “we don’t do it.”

Kamala Harris’ niece takes heat for presuming Boulder shooter was white

Facebook Targets Dr. Swain

Dr. Carol Swain, vice chairman of President Trump’s 1776 commission, is the latest victim of Big Tech.  

Facebook had to go back two years to find an excuse to suspend Dr. Swain from Facebook Live, to prevent her activism against critical race theory.

“I guess someone is very threatened by me,” said Dr. Swain. “I’m just a senior citizen from southwestern Virginia.”

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Watch: Conversations with Dr. Carol Swain



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