Betsy McCaughey told War Room the border crisis will soon reach schools across America.

McCaughey, the former lt. governor of New York, explains 75 percent of the migrant children at the border are ages 15 to 17 year-old boys.

“Think tatoos, not teddy bears,” she said.

These teenagers will soon enter public school systems, and divert resources away from taxpayers into already stressed systems. McCaughey recently explained the problem in a New York Post editorial.

“It has a real impact day to day on how the classroom functions for all the kids in that class,” McCaughey said. “It’s really a big blow to local families and local taxpayers.” 

“They’re not going to Sidwell Friends,” noted Erik Prince.

Prince said the way to hold elected officials accountable for their open borders policies is to send unaccompanied minors to Nancy Pelosi’s district.

“Make them live with the bad decisions they’e imposing on the rest of us,” he said.


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