Michele Bachmann is not letting Nov. 3 go.

The former congresswoman and now dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University has taken it upon herself to hold the definitive post-election summit to show what happened on Nov. 3.

“We were all told to shut up we weren’t allowed to talk about it,” Bachmann told War Room, Monday. “Now we’re going to talk about it.”

Bachmann said she noticed Harvard University was not doing its typical post-election recap with members of both campaigns. So she decided to do it herself.

“I was watching this horror show after the election,” Bachmann said. “How we were all beaten with a hose and put a sock in our mouths to not talk about the reality that was in front of our eyes.”

Bachmann said the Analyzing American Election Integrity summit will be Americans’ chance to hear the real story of Nov. 3.

“We didn’t get a chance to adjudicate this on the 6th,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “We didn’t get a chance to adjudicate it [during impeachment]. This is a way of putting forward.”

Bannon said Harvard did not want to hold a summit because “they don’t want to have to sit there with Trump campaign people there and talk about what happened on Nov. 3.”

Bachmann said the summit on Tuesday, March 23, will be a “definitive record” of election fraud and what happened in 2020.

“Six hours isn’t enough,” she said of the summit that will be online from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.  “It’s a down payment.”

Speakers include Ben, Carson, Eric Metaxes, Mark Steyn, Dr. Peter Navarro, and more who will not only go through evidence of fraud but how to fix it.

“This is to put evidence out,” Bachmann said.

The summit will be transformed into a law review article, in order to spread the truth throughout academia.

“We want to push this into the academy and into the legal profession,” Bachmann said. 

But first, the “laymen need to know what happened on Nov. 3 and thereafter.” 

“People will come together because you come together on the basis of knowledge,” she said. “And that knowledge drives our passion.” 

Sign up for the March 23 summit HERE.


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