Populism in My Backyard

Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab, unveils the most important issues to the populist movement. Torba gives his prescription for how to solve America’s problems: start getting involved in local politics.

“We need to look at these things at a local level,” Torba said. “How is it that drag queen story hour to infiltrate our libraries? We allowed our city councils, our mayorships our school boards to be overtaken by leftists.”

‘Definitely not!’ Brazilian migrant tells ABC he would not have tried to come to U.S. under Trump

Dem Texas mayor slams Biden for doing nothing about immigration disaster

Head Of ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Org Arrested For Child Porn

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Shooting the Messenger 

War Room reacts to WHO researcher Peter Daszak blaming War Room for the CCP still covering up the CCP virus.

Dr. Yan Li-Meng said Daszak is shooting the messenger of the CCP killing machine.

Dr. Yan says Daszak is all part of the “family” with the Chinese Communist Party and they have “mutual benefit” of hiding the virus’s origins. Because Daszak took U.S. taxpayer dollars to China to develop an “unrestricted bioweapon,” the CCP virus, Dr. Yan said.

CORRUPT: WHO Investigator On CCP Payroll Blasts Bannon & Media For Asking Inconvenient Questions… Admits He Refused To Look At Wuhan Lab Data

WHO COVID ‘Investigator’ Is Chinese CDC Advisor Who Accepted CCP Research Grants.

WHO’s COVID Researcher Peter Daszak – Who Refuses To Investigate Wuhan Lab – Donated To Joe Biden OVER 70 TIMES

Kristi Noem Defends Title IX

War Room carries South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s press conference live as she launches a new coalition to protect Title IX and women’s sports.


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