Chinese whistleblower Dr. Yan Li-Meng said Peter Daszak is shooting the messenger exposing the Chinese Communist Party’s cover up of the coronavirus.

Dr. Yan told War Room that Daszak is all part of the “family” with the Chinese Communist Party.

They have “mutual benefit” of hiding the virus’s origins because Daszak took U.S. taxpayer dollars to China to develop an “unrestricted bioweapon,” the CCP virus, Dr. Yan said.

WHO researcher Peter Daszak recently blamed War Room host Stephen K. Bannon for the Chinese Communist Party’s ongoing cover up of the origins of the coronavirus.

Daszak claimed “rhetoric” has “held up” China from disclosing data and information from the Wuhan lab.

In reality, Daszak refused to investigate the Wuhan lab, and has extensive links to the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese CDC. In fact, Daszak worked at the Wuhan lab for two decades and is the recipient of CCP funding.

The CCP killed people and “then we tell the world,” Dr. Yan said. Then Peter Daszak “blames us because, ‘Hey, you reviewed the crime, so the killer gets more angry so they won’t let me investigate the crime.'”

“So this is their logic,” she said.


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