Chinese whistleblower Jackie Jin told War Room Christianity is the greatest threat to Xi Jinping.

“Christianity [is] based on the love of Jesus Christ,” she said. Christians “create democracy, they create civilization, also rule on law.”

Jackie said Xi fears Christians because of their awareness and they threaten the Chinese Communist Party’s rule of the country. An estimated 300 million Christians live underground under persecution in China. 

Jackie told Stephen K. Bannon of the horrors living under CCP rule in the 1960s and 1970s. Executions, imprisonment, and oppression were rampant.

 “I truly believe every family has a story to tell about that time,” she said.

Jackie received the gospel from a missionary in 1993 and became a Christian.

When “Christians rule the country,” China will have love and freedom, Jackie said. “Take down CCP has to be China’s own people.”

Joseph, another Chinese whistlblower, said Xi is “very scared of the true believers.”

“Xi is trying to play God but he’s actually [acting] on behalf of the devil,” he said.


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