Stephen K. Bannon warned the United States is headed into a “kinetic conflict” with China.

After the disastrous humiliating meeting in Alaska, Bannon warned the consequences of the “weak-willed” Biden regime.

“If people in this audience don’t think that’s going to have a direct impact on your personal life, you’re kidding yourself,” Bannon said. “On you community ,on your life, on your children’s life.”

Bannon said the Chinese Communist Party’s biggest victim are the Chinese people.

“The victimization of the Chinese people, that’s how they care about people throughout the world,” he said.

“This is going to be a problem,” Bannon said. “We are headed towards a kinetic conflict in either Taiwan or the South China Sea.”

“It is coming,” he said.

Bannon said the meeting in Alaska was the CCP “lecturing a weaker power.”

Dr. Steven Mosher said the situation with an emboldened Chinese Communist Party is dangerous.

“It is absolutely dangerous,” he said. “They are on the march and right now. We’re in retreat.”

Mosher said Tony Blinken should have defended America. “Instead, he apologized for the United States.”

“It just makes me afraid for the future of our country,” he said.


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