Army Veteran Sean Parnell questioned who is really “running the show” after Joe Biden’s obvious unfitness falling up Air Force One.

“Your soldiers, your people need to know you take the responsibility so seriously that you are willing to lay down your life for your troops at a moments’ notice,” Parnell told War Room, Friday. “What we’re seeing with Joe Biden…he does not inspire that level of confidence among American troops.”

Parnell said the footage of Biden falling up the stairs three times “doesn’t make me laugh, that makes me sad.”

“He hasn’t had a press conference in 55 days…he can’t string a sentence together,” Parnell said. “This isn’t me throwing political jabs, who’s running the show? He’s almost abdicated his role.

“And it makes people wonder who’s running the show?”

Parnell also reacted to humiliating China meeting, and said America must get its act together or China, in the words of Joe Biden, will “eat our lunch.”

“China is singularly focused on deposing America as the world’s lone superpower,” Parenell said.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party has been courting the CCP and getting into bed with them — literally.

“The most prominent members of the Democrat Party hiring Chinese spies as drivers,” Parnell said, referring to Dianne Feinstein. “Eric Swalwell was literally in bed with a Chinese spy.”

Parnell said the meeting Thursday where China walked all over America’s delegation was part of “the consequences of that very reckless and dangerous behavior” of America’s elites.

“We’ve got to get our stuff together very quick because China will indeed eat our lunch if we don’t,” he said.


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