Six time heavyweight champion boxer David Rodriguez says Joe Biden is a “senile” Manchurian candidate controlled by globalists and the Chinese Communist Party.

“Biden is a globalist,” Rodriguez told War Room. “He’s here to destroy and ruin America.

“This is all engineered,” he said.

Rodriguez said if he got a chance to talk to Joe Biden it “would be like talking to a wall.”

“It’s elder abuse,” he said. “He’s senile. He’s put there as a Manchurian candidate and he’s just doing what the CCP and the globalists want.”

Rodriguez also told War Room why he left El Paso: it’s a land of masked zombies and liberal mind control.

“I’m moving, I’ve had enough,” Rodriguez said. “The mask mandates, the governor signed a lift on the mask mandates, and nobody is observing it in El Paso. It’s just complete mind control, it’s zombie land.”

Rodriguez said border agents told him the influx of illegal immigrants coming just this month alone is more than the entire year in 2020.

“Everyone mask shames you, they’re for the illegal immigration,” Rodriguez said of his former home. “It’s like a mental disease that has spread.

“I don’t fit in anymore,” he said. “I’m out.”


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