America On Its Knees

War Room reacts to the disturbing footage of Joe Biden falling up Air Force One. 

Raheem Kassam says it is “the perfect metaphor” for the last 6 weeks. “America on its knees.”

Sean Parnell reacts to the humiliating meeting with China and questions who is really in charge of our government.

Biden falls three times getting on Air Force One

Pompeo: China does not deserve to host 2022 Winter Olympics due to ‘eerie similarities’ with Nazi Germany

Jack Posobiec: The Biden Doctrine: Make America Weak Again

Live From Panama

Combat correspondent Michael Yon reports live from Panama on the horrific child abuse, and drug smuggling at the start of the route to Biden’s border crisis.

“There’s a lot of children that come through the Darién Gap without parents,” he said. “Because their parents die out there.” 

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Masked Zombieland

Six time heavyweight champion boxer David Rodriguez explains why he left El Paso: a land of masked zombies and liberal mind control.

Rodriguez said border agents told him the influx of illegal immigrants coming just this month alone is more than the entire year in 2020.

Plus, Rodriguez destroys globalist Joe Biden, a “senile” “Manchurian candidate” for the Chinese Communist Party. 

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How Globalists Function

Investigative reporter Drew Hernandez explains what — or more accurately who — is causing the Biden border crisis: globalists.

“This is a globalist problem,” he said. “This is how globalists function. They want to move millions of people. They don’t want sovereignty for the United States of America.” 

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China Peed on Our Rug

Michael Walsh, author of Last Stands, says the “sham presidency of Joe Biden is coming to an end,” and explains how China just peed on America’s rug.

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True Grit

Melissa Huray, of the Lindell Recovery Network, pushes back against the Minneapolis Star Tribune after their hit piece on Mike Lindell.

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The Lindell Recovery Network’s church ministry.


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