Get Back to the Post

War Room reacts to Joe Biden “getting blown out on the world stage,” by every American adversary.

Adam Brandon, president of FreedomWorks, previews his new Newsmax show Save the Nation and shares his vision for how we do it: pick up a phone or visit your local congressional office.

“We’ve got to get back to the post, we’ve got to get involved,” he said. “You have to fight to save the basic structure of the republic right now.”

Watch: Save the Nation on Newsmax

Fog City Midge Runs for Office

Maggie Vandenberghe, aka Fog City Midge, shares just how easy it is to become a precinct committeewoman. 

From the Real America’s Voice studies in Palm Beach, Vandenberghe explains how to follow Dan Schultz’s Precinct Strategy.

“Now I’m actually a public elected official, which is surprising to me because it was just that easy,” she said.

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The Notorious MTG

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not taking this sitting down. The Notorious MTG fights back against the Democrats and Big Tech’s collusion to silence her.

“It’s time for everyone to wake up that we’re under a communist revolution,” she said.

MTG explains how she became their number one target and blasts the Democrats for trying to expel her. 

“We have Ilhan Omar who married her brother…asking for money to be donated to bail out rioters,” she said. “Eric Swalwell, who had sex and a relationship with a Chinese spy also raising money for him…sits on the intel committee.” 


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