Inflection Point

Stephen K. Bannon reacts to the utter “embarrassment” of the Biden regime’s meeting with the Chinese Communist Party in Alaska.

“Messenger boy” Jake Sullivan and “clerk” Tony Blinken were treated just compromised underlings, which is what they are.

“Here’s the reason why the Chinese talk to them with no respect,” Bannon said. “It gets back to the fact that they’re compromised.”

“Yesterday was an embarrassment, it shows you we are headed into very treacherous waters.”

When They Think You’re Weak 

Michael Anton gives his assessment of the humiliating Biden regime meeting, and explains how America’s elites played into the hands of China all 2020 long.

Plus, Anton gives his pathway forward and how Americans can take principled Constitutional stands at the local level.

The Socialists Here on Capitol Hill

Rep. Mo Brooks reacts to the disastrous humiliating Biden meeting with the Chinese Communist Party, which he called “the enemy of liberty and freedom.”

Plus, Rep. Brooks sounds off on deadly open borders policies, and what the “socialists here on Capitol Hill” are doing to the country.

“I don’t call them Democrats anymore,” he said. “They are nothing like the Democrat party of 10 or 20 years ago. These are socialists.”

Oops: Jen Psaki called it a ‘border crisis’

Convicted Sex Offenders, Including Pedophiles, Arrested At Biden’s Open U.S. Border


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